Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have You Heard From Us?
    Answers To Your Questions.
  1. I’ve received a letter from TCR. What do I do now?
    The letter you received includes instructions on how you can resolve this matter. It also includes a reference number and toll-free phone number for the department that sent you the letter. If you would prefer to speak with a live representative, simply call the toll-free phone number and provide your reference number to the representative who answers.

  2. I’ve received a voicemail message from TCR. What are the next steps?
    We are not a telemarketing company so the call you received is in relation to a debt. The message we left for you included a toll-free number. Simply call the number during our hours of operation and a representative will assist you.

  3. How can I pay my outstanding balance?
    In general, we prefer that you pay your creditor directly and provide us with a confirmation number, along with the amount you have paid.

    You can also click on “Make a Payment” on the top corner of this webpage and follow the instructions.

    If you cannot locate the letter, you can call TCR at 1-800-267-2482 to speak with a representative.

  4. I’ve made my payment. Is there anything else I need to do?
    If you haven’t spoken with us already, call the toll-free number provided on the letter we sent to you, so one of our representatives can update your account, answer any questions you may have and provide further instruction if required. You can send us a message through CONTACT US.

  5. I’m receiving calls from TCR but don’t believe I have an outstanding debt. What should I do?
    The simplest means to resolve this matter is to call us at the number provided. There may be a debt that you are not aware of or have forgotten about. It is also possible that we have an incorrect phone number.

    Give us a call. If you are not the person we are trying to reach, we will update our records to have your phone number removed.

  6. TCR is listed on my credit report but I don’t believe I have an outstanding debt. What should I do?
    If TCR is listed on your credit report then you definitely had a matter assigned to us at some point. Send us a message through CONTACT US. Our representatives will be happy to assist you.

  • Are You Looking For A Job?
    Here Are Your Answers.
  1. How do I apply for a job at Total Credit Recovery?
    Candidates should apply on this website by clicking on our Careers Page or submit resumes to Human Resources staff screen all resumes received. Applicants who are eligible to work at TCR will be contacted in order to schedule an interview. Candidates will meet with both the Department Manager and a Human Resources Coordinator. Background, credit and reference checks will be conducted for each candidate once presented with an Offer of Employment.

  2. What would pose a conflict of interest to employment at TCR?
    A conflict of interest occurs if a candidate has a valid Security Guard License, Mortgage Broker License or Real Estate Agent or Broker License.

  3. Will I receive training? If so, is it paid?
    You will receive five (5) days of paid in-class training which consists of theory, practical application and systems-based training. In addition, you will receive client specific training once placed in a department.

  4. Are there incentives?
    Our competitive incentive-based compensation structure varies by department. Managers provide new employees with information on each specific structure and assist employees in achieving their goals.

  5. Are there are any part time positions?
    At this time part time positions are not available.

  6. How are employees rewarded and recognized at TCR?
    At TCR, we are proud of our comprehensive Rewards and Recognition Program. Employees are recognized for their performance both individually and by teams through multiple awards such as Employee of the Month, Employees of the Year, Team Excellence Awards and our President’s Congratulatory Notes Program. In addition, our Executive Team hosts multiple Milestone Anniversary Lunches throughout the year to celebrate employees who reach milestone anniversaries at TCR.

  7. What are my long-term career prospects with TCR?
    At TCR, we believe in promoting from within. We post many positions that become available internally before looking outside for new talent. TCR staff are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • I’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, what can I do?
    Here Are Your Answers.
  1. I’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, what can I do?
    Millions of Canadians have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. We are actively working with the community to help people find ways to manage their obligations. If you have been impacted by COVID-19, please provide us with your contact information and one of our agents will reach out to you to explain any options or programs currently available. Stay safe!