Make a payment

Feel free to pay directly to your creditor
or choose an option below.

  • Pay with Interac

Please note, this payment option does not support Visa Debit, Debit Mastercard, or CIBC.

  • Bill Payment through your bank account

Total Credit Recovery Limited. (TCR) is registered with most financial institutions.

If this is your first time making an online payment to TCR, you will need to add us as a payee through your online banking portal.

Step 1 : Log in to your online banking portal

Step 2 : Select Payment

Step 3 : Search for Total Credit Recovery Limited on the list of payees and ensure you enter correct creditor account number

For more details about how to add a payee, visit your bank’s website

  • Set up pre-authorized debit

You can authorize Total Credit Recovery Limited. to withdraw payments (in full or installments) directly from your bank account.

  • Other payment options

We aim to make paying your bill as easy as possible. Other ways to pay include:

By mail : Send a cheque, money order, or bank draft payable to your creditor with your name, phone number, and account number clearly noted to:

Total Credit Recovery Limited.
225 Yorkland Blvd.
North York, ON
M2J 4Y7

Please notify us of your payment by emailing

Direct to Creditor : This is often the fastest and most convenient way for you to pay your bill. Please notify us of your payment by emailing

In-person at bank : Using the letter we sent you, you can pay your bill directly at your bank.

By phone : Call the phone number on the letter we sent you and one of our representatives will be happy to help process your payment.